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Contract Design and Manufacture

An international adhesive products manufacturer and distributor needed commercial and retail dispensers to expand its’ sales beyond strictly industrial applications.

wWolfe Solutions personnel, in concert with it’s contract design engineering partner, created dispensers based upon prescribed sizes of rolled adhesive products.

Three handheld dispensers, two commercial and one retail style, were designed, tooled, and produced, including plastic molded housings and internal working components, custom cast metal parts, and several purchased components, some fabricated from available standard catalog supply.

Branding cosmetics (labels and hot-stamp) were applied and the product assembled in-line at the injection molder.
The second commercial dispenser was likewise fully assembled, and also packaged in printed boxes with literature, then into master-cartons for direct shipment world-wide.

The retail palm-size dispenser was created by the design partner, while prototyping and short-run production was arranged with wWolfe Solutions offshore partners. Permanent production was placed offshore.


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