New Model Line with Upgraded Product Features

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A custom plastic injection molding parts supplier was asked by an existing customer, a major outdoor power equipment manufacturer, to assist in developing handles, knobs, controls, and footpads with cosmetic and operating features to add excitement to its’ new equipment models.During two years of new model releases wWolfe Solutions personnel created eight products, some with additional assembly and cosmetic variations, shown here.

These were designed in solid model, tooled, prototyped, tested, and met SAP production schedule requirements, shipping to four customer production plants.

By combining internal and external resources, the wWolfe Solutions personnel also incorporated new design and production methods not employed previously by this manufacturer, resulting in increased product appeal while reducing costs and assembly time.

Successful results allowed the supplier to work with two more of the customer’s operating divisions.


Simplicity Manufacturing, a major manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment, designed a new line of lawnmowers to better compete in the European market. Part of the project included making appearance, functional and ergonomic enhancements to some of the controls and other components. Simple parts, but essential to completing the updated look of the machines.


The newly enhanced products were to be made with plastic, so Simplicity turned to us for design and production expertise. The challenge was to take the components’ designs from artist’s renderings and make them manufacturable. They had to be inexpensive to produce, yet able to withstand the harsh operating environment of a commercial and heavy duty residential garden tractor.


Working closely with Simplicity’s engineering staff, we performed extensive CAD/CAM modeling to design the parts so they could be produced easily by injection molding. As plastics experts, we also advised Simplicity on selecting the right resins and helped develop custom colors.

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