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Decorative Architectural Arts – Sales Strategy & Systems


A leading plaster components manufacturer needed to revise its’ sales strategy following the “Great Recession”. It previously had relied on personal relationships at the executive level.  Now the company’s products also had to be visible at client operational and designer levels in order to be specified into renovation and new construction projects.

While FRA had developed and produced a hard copy catalog of it’s standard, made-to-measure, and ornamental plaster designs of mouldings, ornamentation, ceiling systems, and finishes, it had assumed that merely getting these catalogs into the  client’s product resource libraries would suffice.

wWolfe Solutions aided this catalog marketing effort by organizing existing FRA customer contact information into a database while also researching and creating a new, more extensive and in-depth marketing database of product specifiers and sourcing staff. Further, an online version of the catalog was recommended and undertaken so that less costly and more efficient distribution of new designs and “catalog pages” could occur. This way, hard copy updates could be distributed once annually with holiday gifts and greetings.

Pricing information was “gated” so that viewers had to register and sign in to request a quote, allowing page views to be tracked for sales follow-up by the quotation engineers.

Final installation and implementation of the system was managed directly by existing FRA staff.