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New Product Release

A California-based company sought to expand the offerings of a specialty service business by releasing a proprietary product for sale, which until then had exclusively been used internally. It turned to wWolfe Solutions for marketing, sales, and production assistance.

While the relocation from contract prototype to production facilities was being sourced and conducted, in concert with a leading regional marketing and media services agency, wWolfe Solutions developed and implemented a joint market development plan for the services and product businesses. The market development plan included customer database development, expansion of dealer and referral networks, and web-based marketing including a new internet sales portal.
wWolfe Solutions also improved the product website by enhancing searchability and adding three descriptive webvideos.

See the Website Enhancement case study for more on this project and to view all three web videos produced as part of wWolfe’s effort,  or find them at www.linenlaundry.com

A complementary business providing stock and custom fine linens is E.Braun&Co.- Beverly Hills.