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Relocation and Construction Management

This business project began in late Autumn 2008 when the nation’s economy was in the doldrums and the client’s 10-year lease was soon to expire. When negotiations for a long term renewal fell apart, wWolfe Solutions resumed the search for new space where cost reductions could be achieved.

The search soon fell to 3 possible spaces, and following preliminary rent negotiations and engineering/cost feasibility reviews with the architect, an existing warehouse/retail space was selected. Design and engineering began when the new lease was nearly agreed, while subcontractor quoting and selection occurred concurrently with build-out solutions being developed.

The build-out involved a complete cosmetic make-over, HVAC system replacement, lighting, power, and communications upgrades, substantial increases in natural gas, process water and waste water capacities, as well as the typical myriad of small changes and upgrades to improve business operations.

Commercial movers were coordinated with equipment installation, allowing virtually no interruption of processing and no late deliveries. The demolition, construction, and completion took 60 days, allowing for no period of double rent, no hold-over rent, and a month of rent-free operations in a beautiful and functional new space.