John Downs | President at Glue Dots International

“Chess Barbatelli worked with our engineering and marketing teams to design and manufacture dispensers for Gluedots commercial and retail lines of adhesive products. Depending on the project, prototyping and manufacturing were handled by or at LC Products, or by offshore companies and managed by LC Products. In one instance, all hardware and component specification, sourcing and purchasing was handled by LC Products, as well as all manufacturing, assembly, packaging and packing in master cartons for shipment to our distribution centers. Chess worked closely with inside and consulting engineers to incorporate sound plastic design, materials, and manufacturing methods. Where problems arose Chess worked promptly and professionally to rectify them so we could remain on our product release and production timetables. Our team enjoyed working with Chess because of his professionalism, timely response, practical solutions, and commitment to quality, price, and delivery. I urge you to discuss your product development and production needs with Chess.”