Gene Eggert, AIA | Architectural Designs, Inc.

Chess and wWolfe Solutions became known to me when I had a distant client who needed a 7000 sq.ft.warehouse retail space built out to their  luxury fabric workroom custom requirements in 90 days from first contact and 60 days from lease commencement. Chess and the client identified key contractors and also worked very well with those I brought into the job. Design, demolition, and space preparation were underway simultaneously, with two and sometimes three different contractors working in the space simultaneously, something not often attempted and less frequently successful. Reducing cost was a major requirement, and Chess was creative and tireless in coordinating the contractors, utilities, inspectors, and the old and the new landlords. Typically this project would have taken 30 to 45 days longer, but planning, execution and teamwork made it a reality in record time. The relocation occurred without a single day of production being lost, and the new space is functional and beautiful. When the need arises again, I will call upon Chess first.”